We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate by purposefully allocating part of our profits to charitable endeavours aimed at promoting individual and community development.

This allocation of funds is currently being used to support the noble work of Hope for Children Australia.

Hope for Children is an Australian non-government organisation, working to transform the lives of vulnerable children, young people and their communities in Ethiopia.

Ashanti’s partnership with Hope for Children is primarily focused on fighting poverty through education. In particular, Ashanti has provided funding to The School of St Yared in order to support the provision of quality education.

The School of St Yared operates with the principal goal of empowering students through education to break free from poverty and inspire them to become the future leaders of their communities.

By connecting the school to WIFI and using laptops and Ipads to access teaching resources, we can provide students with a high quality, 21st century education which is vital to lifting them and their communities out of poverty.

Ashanti is proud to be an official Technological Partner of The School of St Yared and is committed to providing continued support in maintaining and improving the way it uses digital technology to enhance students’ education.

Join us in fighting poverty through education via the link below – together we can help the children of St Yared reach their true potential and break the cycle of poverty.

Hope for Children
Hope for Children Australia

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